Our Expertise

Color, tradition, art, architecture, flora, fauna, heritage, peace, serenity, rustic Indian charm -You name it and Rajasthan has it. Rajasthan requires no hard selling. The place speaks for itself and those who visit return home somewhat smitten. No wonder, it is the first place -to -be on the bucket list of every tourist who visits India. And this is where Turban Tours steps in, Rajasthan being our expertise.

Undiscovered and untouched, there are parts of Rajasthan which will make you feel as if you have travelled back in time. The sheer simplicity of a rustic village in Rajasthan is an experience in itself. And with Turban Tours, by your side, all you are expected to do is enjoy – leave the rest to us. Commuting, connecting, sightseeing, dining, dancing or just relaxing – you just have to say and we will ensure that we deliver to you the enchanting experience that is Rajasthan with utmost ease. We have a well educated, experienced and highly professional staff which leaves no stone unturned in making sure that our guests are not only comfortable but also enjoying themselves.

At Turban Tours, we do not have a straight jacket formula to apply on every single one of our guests. Not every individual can be bracketed under a similar head. Different people, Different needs – With us, it is as simple as that. We do not shy away from making a rather flexible itinerary for each one of our guests depending on their individual choices. We promise to put your preferences in the centre and then weave a whole plan around it –rather than doing it vice versa.

Turban Tours, ensures you an unprecedented highly subjective approach. We do not make tall claims. But what we claim we deliver with utmost sincerity and warmth. For, you are not just another Tourist, you are our guest.

Come experience unmatched love, gratitude and hospitality. Come experience Rajasthan.