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Hello there!
I'm Anupam, a pint - sized human originally from Jaipur, India. Aside from being a devoted yoga practioner, I'm your friendly tour consultant and operator, thrilled to share the wonders of Incredible India with you.
In my world, I believe in taking it slow, savoring every moment of travel. I'm all about that relaxed lifestyle. I love to connect with people who have a zest for travel and live life to the full.
To me, true luxury lies in the freedom to do what you love whenever you desire. This could mean escaping the crowds, discovering hidden gems, and connecting with inspiring individuals who generously share their way of life.
I handpick every destination, hotel, and experience I offer because I believe in authenticity. You can trust that my recommendations come from a genuine love for the beauty, culture, and realness that each place holds.
Let's embark on a journey together and make some unforgettable memories!
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