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The Proof Of the Pudding Is in Eating it. Suggest checking the feedback of guests who have savoured our pudding!"


Colin Mckinnon

50th bash touring northern India

Turban Tours - The owner and tour master ANUPAM is a star. ANUPAM runs the tour company from his base in Jaipur and gave us the opportunity to book a guided tour direct from an Indian company. ANUPAM arranged the itinerary, hotels, tour guides, restaurants, escorted transport, internal flights etc etc. The 15 day tour ran like clockwork. Really well organised and thought out. We visited Delhi, Varannasi, Agra (TAJ MAHAL), Jaipur, Udaipur, Deogargh, Johdpur and back to Delhi. Each day was perfect and we had a story to tell every evening in our hotel bar over a beer or 2. There was an elephant sanctuary, leopard safari, monkey temple, goats standing on cars eating leaves from trees, monkeys, pigs and COWS walking the streets. The roads are mental but fascinating. Anupam stayed in touch everyday and evening and was flexible to make any changes at short notice if required.

What an experience, one we will never forget. ANUPAM, thank you for the trip and giving us such a wonderful experience.

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